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11-10-2017 14:16  RssIcon

Development of a customized Perfusion related parameter calculator 

Inês Dias, MSc Student1 , Pedro Lucas* ECCP,MSc2 , Carla Quintão PhD1,3 , Cláudia Quaresma PhD1,3 , Duarte Furtado ECCP2 , Inês Figueira ECCP2 , Paulo Franco ECCP2 , Vanda Cláudio ECCP2 , Helena Antunes MD, PhD Student2 , José Fragata MD,PhD2

1 Departamento de Física, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal 

2 Serviço de Cirurgia Cardiotorácica - Hospital de Santa Marta, Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Central, Portugal 

3 LIBPhys - UNL, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Monte da Caparica, Portugal *Presenting Author 


Over the past decade computers have exponentially increased their role in clinical practice. Medical applications (apps) for mobile devices and laptops are growing in numbers and are nowadays also commonly used in the cardiovascular perfusion field. There are several perfusion directed apps in the market, however, all of them have lack of department directed features. Facing this, Hospital de Santa Marta Cardiothoracic Surgery department – Perfusion team, and the department of Physics – Biomedical engineering of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, started developing an app for perfusion related parameter calculations 

Material & Methods 

After an analysis of the most popular perfusion apps in the market, the authors started to develop an app that fully satisfied the needs of the department. The first step was to define the programming language to be used; MATLAB software had been chosen based on an intuitive and easy language. Then came the delineation of the app content, defining parameters to use and calculations to be performed. Results The app is divided in six fundamental parts that interact internally between each other, each one dedicated to a specific topic, allowing the user to insert data, calculating automatically several parameters. After the introduction of patients biometric data, several calculations are automatically done like, body surface area, blood Flow, Heparin /Protamine dose, priming parameters, dilutional hematocrit and modified ultrafiltration volume. A print option is available, if the user wants to attach the app data to the perfusion report at the end of the procedure. 


After a few trials, this app reveals safe, intuitive and user friendly, as well as an excellent tool that features department directed perfusion parameters and calculations

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